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Heartfelt, rich in historical detail, CHILD OUT OF PLACE introduces youngsters to a long neglected chapter in the history of enslaved Africans in America – the New England chapter.  Based on careful research, this novel about young Matty Warren Smith and her family offers not only an absorbing read, it provides parents and teachers with a gentle means to get discussions going about a painful era in America’s history and about some of the repercussions of that era today.        MORE

CHILD OUT OF PLACE: A Story of New England
by Patricia Q. Wall

Illus. by Debby Ronnquist
Fall Rose Books, 2004
ISBN 0974218502 ($12)
Historical fiction, ages 10 & up

  AND NOW....
Fall Rose Books presents the sequel to
Child Out of Place

BEYOND FREEDOM continues that first story about Matty and her family while revealing yet another little-known chapter in the history of early African Americans in New England.

Beyond slavery, beyond that day of freedom comes hope – or it should.
But for fifteen-year-old Matty and hundreds of other free blacks living on the north slope of Boston’s Beacon Hill in 1812, hope struggled against despair.

  Beyond Freedom Cover
by Patricia Q. Wall
Fall Rose Books, 2010
ISBN 0974218510 ($12)
Historical fiction, ages 10 & up
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“Though most elementary school books continue to ignore the presence of slavery in New England
or dismiss it as insignificant, I believe it is time for children to learn the true story.  Only then are they
adequately prepared to learn about abolition, the Civil War and that war’s discouraging aftermath.”
                                                                                       Patricia Q. Wall 

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